When should I get my log home stained?

A properly-maintained log home or log cabin will last decades or more; scattered across America are frontier-dated log cabins that have been standing for well over a century. However, a log cabin or log home that hasn’t been cared for can deteriorate in mere years.

It is vital that your home is given preventative maintenance, just as you would for your vehicles at home. Think of the classic Toyota; if given regular preventative maintenance, your Toyota ___ (Camry, Tacoma, Tundra, etc…) is going to last for hundreds of thousands of miles and multiple decades.

Arguably the most important part of your log home, of course, is the exterior of the building. Not only does stain protect against UV radiation, it protects the wood from the extreme swings of climate and weather. A good rule of thumb is to consider re-staining your log home every 3-7 years. Factors that impact that timeline are the kind of climate your home is in and the weather it receives (sun, rain, storms, wind, snow, temperature, etc…). Of course, another factor is the quality of stain you use. At Oregon Log Home Care, we use only the finest and highest-quality stains for log homes.

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