Southern Oregon Log Home Care and Maintenance

Southern Oregon’s rugged terrain is perhaps the most beautiful natural beauty Oregon has to offer, and likely the least-celebrated. From Brookings and Gold beach to Coos Bay in the West; Ashland, Medford and Klamath Falls in the Central, and Lakeview and the Steens Mountains in the East, what a beautiful and diverse land it is!

Many residents of these communities live in stunning Log Homes ranging from modest homesteads to sprawling hilltop estates. As Oregon’s premier log home restoration company, we take great pride in serving homeowners in our own state. Your log home is the most important asset you’ll ever own, and our dedicated team of restoration staff treat these living dwelling places with a level of care and attention as if they were our own. Whether you’re a DIY master who needs a bit of expert assistance or a homeowner looking to outsource all of the care of your log home to an expert, we have a plan for you.

Oregon often gets billed as a “mild climate” state, but that’s usually just a general reference to Portland. The rest of our State gets hit with extreme weather conditions. From the wildly wet and windy Southern Oregon Coast (secret surfing spot, anybody?!) to the hot and arid Oregon Outback, your Log Homes are exposed to extreme weather.

If your log home is not prepared for extreme weather, damage is likely to happen. Oregon Log Home care provides smart and effective solutions for your Log Home needs, from weathering & chinking, to staining, to pest solutions, and log rot repair.

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