Protecting Oregon Log Homes

If you’ve found this post, you probably own a log home in the Pacific Northwest. And whether you live in the high desert, where Summers are dry and Winters are frigid and snow-packed, or the damp temperate forests of the valleys, you know the challenges of protecting, cleaning, and maintaining your log home.

A log home is so much different than a standard-built home. In many ways, a log home is a living, breathing entity. It stretches and contracts. It can even squeak, creak, and grown as it settles, both over time, and seasonally. For these reasons, a log home requires additional care and maintenance that a standard-built home just doesn’t need. The exposed wood that makes your log home such a unique beauty is also susceptible to natural forces.

To maintain the beauty and integrity of your log home, especially an Oregon log home with increased weather demands, you need to stay on top of your care and maintenance. Regularly-completed preventative upkeep and maintenance on your log home is virtually always less expensive than waiting for a catastrophe to happen (click here to see some nasty wood rot repair)

At Oregon Log Home Care, you’re working with the best. Not only because our level of detail is supreme, our experience is unmatched, and our customer service will blow you away; but because we’re an incredible value. Our rates are fair and reasonable, and receiving a quote is always free and no-obligation. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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