Oregon Coast Log Home Restoration and Repair

If you live on the Oregon coast, you know that there are actually three truths in life: you’ll die, you’ll pay taxes, and you’ll get rained on 12 months out of the year. It’s a tale as old as time and can be counted on like clockwork.

The Oregon coast and coastal mountains bring dark, damp days and months. The Fall and Winter, especially, are dark and dreary. A lack of dry sunlight and near-constant wetness creates additional concerns for your log home. Be on the lookout for common wet-wood problems; rotting wood, moss or other plant growth, or lack of structural integrity in extreme cases.

All of these issues, if caught and treated early, can be easily (and affordably) addressed before they become major problems. Remember that it’s almost always less expensive to prevent damage than it is to take care of damage after the fact.

Consider getting an annual or bi-annual inspection from the professionals at Oregon Log Home Care to help you craft a plan to protect your coastal log home and ensure its beauty for years to come!

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