Log Home Care FAQ

How long can a log home last? 

There are documented cases of log homes being built in the 1800’s that are still in good, livable shape today. If properly maintained and cared for, a log home can thrive for well over 125 years… perhaps more (we’ll check in on those 1800’s log homes in another 75 years).

Are log homes susceptible to fire? 

It’s a common misconception that log homes are prone to fire. Logs within log homes are very large; think of a campfire: it’s very hard to light a large piece of wood in a campfire without first lighting kindling. Secondly, many log home stain products include a fire retardant.

Should I paint my log home? 

No! Paint generally does not allow logs to breath as they need to. Plus, why would you want to cover up that gorgeous wood grain!?

But what about rodents and pests? 

A properly-cared for log home should keep the pests away. Termite damage occurs most often if your home isn’t being properly cared for and treated from year to year.

Do you give free estimates? 

Yes, absolutely! We provide free estimates for your log home project.  Give us a call at 541-343-8838 or fill out the form below to schedule your estimate!

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