Inspecting your log home for signs of damage

Before you consider hiring a professional to work on your log home, take the time to do a visual walk-around of the exterior of your home a couple times a year. At Oregon Log Home Care, we treat your home like it were our own; and that includes finding ways to save you money where possible. That starts with visual inspections of your home to determine what needs- or doesn’t need- to be done each year. The following is a great starting point of things to consider before you call and hire a professional log home restoration company:

Are there water stains? 

Do you notice water stains at the walls of your home, either on the inside or the outside? If you’re seeing water stains, it might be a sign of more damage. The water spots themselves can likely be cleaned up using a good wood cleaner. But more importantly, we need to find out where the water is coming from and re-waterproof that area to prevent further damage.

Do your logs have a faded or weathered finish? 

On the exterior of your home, check for shades of fading on the logs. Sunlight hits the logs at different angles throughout the seasons, so the logs may fade at differing rates. Stain is incredibly important to the health of your logs, so a largely faded log needs to be looked at by a professional.

Are there open gaps between logs? 

Gaps between logs are easily fixed by a professional, so it’s not a massive problem. But it is important to fill those gaps properly.

Rotting wood? 

This one is obvious, but for good measure we’ll add it to the list. Rotted wood needs to be addressed immediately, as there are structural considerations at play in addition to the cosmetic.

Are there cracks in your chinking?

Any lack of integrity in your chinking should be a red flag to call Oregon Log Home Care to come do a free, no-obligation inspection of your home.

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