Central Oregon Log Home Repair and Restoration

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There are few sights as beautiful as a freshly-restored and stained log home, high in the Central Oregon high desert, with a fresh dropping of Winter snow. As Oregonians, we’re blessed to live in a region with extreme diversity of climate and region; within a half-day’s drive, you can find yourself at the ocean, coastal rain forests, downtown Portland, world-class snow skiing or kite surfing, outback country, and the high desert.

Central Oregon’s high desert climate provides four robust seasons throughout the year. And there’s nothing more picturesque than a beautiful log home in the high desert.

Of course, with that beauty comes responsibility. In the Summer, temperatures can regularly soar to 100 degrees or more. And in the Winter, it’s not unusual to get a couple feet of snow. That incredible swing of temperature throughout the year (nearly a 100 degree swing) puts a lot of stress on your log home. Logs; the most-primal and raw form of construction material, will expand and contract with the change in season. It is vital that your log home be properly chinked, sealed, and stained to protect the interior of your log home.

Many homeowners fear that restoring or updating their log home is too expensive, but that’s not always the case. At Oregon Log Home Care, we provide free no-obligation consultations of your home to identify exactly what needs to be done.

We’ve been restoring and repairing log homes in Oregon for 25 years, from the coastal rainforests to the high deserts and everything in between.

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